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Natural Beta-Carotene
Beta-Carotene is important to the body because it functions as:
  • A safe source of vitamin A, helping the body to reach the vitamin A levels essential for normal growth and development, good vision and eye health, a strong immune system, and healthy skin.
  • An antioxidant that helps protect the body against the damaging effects of free radicals, which can potentially increase the risk of developing certain diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
These attributes, combined with Beta-Carotene’s high pigmentation level make it an extremely effective and healthy color for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical preparations. Beta-Carotene formulations offer yellow, orange and orange-red color 
Beta carotene (C40H56) is one of the carotenoids is orange, fat soluble compounds, it is natural pigment in the nature of the most common and most stable. Beta carotene is an antioxidant, with detoxification, protect human health is indispensable nutrients in anti-cancer, prevention of cardiovascular disease, a significant function of cataract and antioxidant, and thus prevent aging and aging caused by a variety of degenerative diseases.